[New 4.1.13] Samba Market Module

Samba Market module enabled for loading & unloading addon modules. It will be released with next update.

So we’ve prepared our infrastructure for releasing commercial modules. On future versions you’ll be able to buy modules for more advanced features or third party integrations. We won’t release existing SambaPOS features as paid modules but we may move some rarely used existing features to market module. So you’ll be able to uninstall them if you don’t need. This is an important feature for faster loading and less memory consumption.

We’re also developing applications for easier SambaPOS integration. If you are interested on building addon modules for SambaPOS please visit http://sambapos.com/partnership/ link and subscribe to partnership updates.

Of course we won’t forget people who supports SambaPOS with donations. We’re planning a special market membership type for supporters. They’ll be able to download some paid modules for free or with special discounts. We’re also planning pre-crediting their accounts balanced with their donation total.

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