[New 4.1.30] Copy & Paste widgets

As 4.1.30 we’ll be able to copy & paste widgets between entity screens.


do you rest??? jajajjajajjajjajjajaj
you are a prolific programmer!!!


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Now he builds it, after I spent an hour merging entity screens last night :smiley:

After using your merged screen I thought that will be useful :slight_smile:

Can someone show me were the COPY function of the widget is, as I only see the Paste Widget.

Think you need to click a soecific place try right clicking the border and in the middle until you find it :slight_smile:

Oke I have found it, but it seems not to be working. Maybe someone can give it a try.

I found that when pasting it pastes exactly on top of the one youve copied so click and drag it away an you should see the other underneath

Hi Rick, great this is doing the job, correct the paste is on top of the widget.

Now the next issue, I like to paste this in a new, or other Entities screen but the paste function keep pasting on top the existing widget. Any idea how to pate or move this to a different entities screen.

Try duplicating entity screen and remove unwanted widgets.

Thanks Emre, I have done this. It would only be a nice future if I could copy and paste from one entity screen to an other, but I understand that this function is not available.

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