[New 4.1.31] Device Settings Updates

Hello. In this tutorial I’ll show you some updates to Device settings and changes with Caller-ID devices.

Navigate to Local Settings > Devices tab to configure installed devices.

Devices installed by Add On modules so if you can’t see the device you want to add be sure you’ve installed related module.

New device configuration screen supports adding multiple devices from same type. Click Add link and choose a device from popup list. You can also type a description if needed.

Click Settings link to edit device settings. That edits focused device settings in the list.

New options

  • Popup Color: You can use different popup color by typing a color name here.
  • Entity Screen Name: You can type exact entity screen name you want to focus when popup clicked.
  • Detail Format: You can Customize popup content by entering a custom format here.

Content font size also slightly increased for better readability and background gradient removed.

That new layout supports multiple devices from same type so you’ll be able to configure two modems for multiple lines.


Excellent, thank you

Wow @emre this is great news.
Since i set up a Device Event Generated rule to executes when phone rings I do not have to click on the popup To past the phone number in serch bar
Is it possible to add the Possibility to close automatic caller id popup after Customer selected Or after the ticket is created Or maybe set the time to close?

@emre words cannot describe my gratitude. Thank you so much, theres not really any pos out there that can stand upto this monstrosity. :slight_smile:


When using a Device Event Generated rule to executes when phone rings popup Becomes unnecessary Is it possible to add the Possibility on the Device Settings to Disable caller id popup???

@pizzaeilat4 on next update there will be a way to not to display popups but I couldn’t place it somewhere yet, so if you let me finish that I’ll announce details. Thanks.

Thanks @emre Sorry to bother you all the time with my requests (you probably already tired of me) :smile:

@emre, Is there a way to go directly to the create ticket screen from the caller id popup window bypassing the select customer screen if customer address is already stored ?

Can you add the option when Device Event Generated for caller Id it will switch to entity screen that mapped to configured Entity Type.
As you did With
when popup clicked??

@morshed1 I believe displaying select customer screen is better since it gives a chance to validate customer address and name. When customer calls ask them “is your address is xxx”? and create ticket if it is correct. Sometimes customers calls from different locations and address validation is a good practice…

@pizzaeilat4 you can try executing Change Ticket Entity action and only enter Entity Type as parameter. When there is no active ticket it should just switch to related entity screen.

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I tried it and it does not resolve the issue,
When a call comes in a Ticket opens and remains open And locked and other telephone calls are not shown. Can you please create an action to “Display Entity Screen” So I can associate it to execut When Device Event Generated??

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@pizzaeilat4 that’s exactly why we use popups. While a ticket is open you can’t switch to any other screen without closing ticket.

dear @emre,Thank you so much for your patience
Yes I know That
This is why I asked if you can create an action to Only “Display Entity Screen” When rule executes
Of course that rule execut Only When a ticket is close.
For example,

  1. when a user is on another screen, incoming call automatically transfers it to configured Entity screen
  2. when a ticket is open incoming call will not executes “Display Entity Screen”

I hope you can make it possible

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But your problem is not displaying entity screen. Your problem is storing calling phone number(s) in a cache like mechanism while you are in a ticket. What popup does is that. It queues calling phone numbers while you are in a ticket and pops up when you close ticket so you can click on it to switch to entity search screen and display customer. Your requests will lead back to popup use because at one point switching immediately to entity screen after closing ticket will create issues. Especially when you start using multiple phone lines.

I do not mean that “Display Entity Screen” will execut immediately after closing ticket.
it will only executes when a ticket is closed
i dont need It to queues calling phone numbers while im in a ticket
when a ticket is open “Display Entity Screen” will not executes at all./

I was also just thinking today that an Action for Display Entity Screen would be a great feature!

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Well, we need dear @emre for that. :slight_smile:

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I still can’t understand how I’ll switch to an Entity screen when there is an open ticket on the screen. The problem I’m facing here is I’m implementing features without understanding how it will be used. This is not a nice way to develop software because every new feature leads to a new feature and until I understand how it should work I’ll implement a lot of useless features.

So instead of talking about features talking about cases is a better idea. Please let me understand your step by step workflow in detail. If I understand it I can easily find out what actions you’ll need.


Thanks @emre,
It’s a little hard for me in English but I’ll try to explain.
When I use Caller ID using PopUp it works great.
But when I use Device Event Generated rule to executes when phone rings,There are several issues
1.PopUp’s are stacked because the user is not required to click on them to update the search bar.
2.so When I set that popup will not appear when there is a phone call,And the user is on another screen (not open ticket) Device Event Generated want executes Because it does not have the rule to switch to serch Entity Screen.
3.Its allso not queues calling phone numbers while im in a open ticket/
I thought it might be effective and useful for user if Device Event Generated Can executes Caller ID with the same features as the PopUp.
I thought that would be right suggest this and I admit that I did not think it would be complicated, now I understand and I leave in your hand of course to decide whether there is a need to develop it or not…
Thank you so much @emre