[New 4.1.43] Shorcut for Automation Command Button Widget

On previous versions to place an automation command button on custom entity screens you need to configure an automation command first and create a rule to handle that command. Now creating automation command is not required unless you need specific features such as confirmation. You can just type a command name on button settings and create a rule to handle that automation command. That may decrease the amount of automation commands mapped nowhere.


Wow very nice. Small change but big impact. Will make the process so much easier.


I added an automation command button on an entity screen so i can add new tickets. It works alright but i cant close ticket [close ticket button doesnt work]

Do I need to update close ticket rule?


Have you got an entity or ticket tag assigned to the ticket?

Without one of those the ticket wont close

Does selecting an entity not create a ticket? Or if you mean you are creating a second ticket for an entity (so selecting entity opens the existing ticket as it should) in which case you will still need to select the entity like you would.
Alternativly if this is the senario you could automate a create new ticket on from automation command on ticket mapping which creates a new ticket for the entity selected…