[New 5.1.38] Rate based Order tag Prices

It is amazing to see how much people uses order based discounts. In our country it is generally ticket based. For some places a different price list does the job for most cases. I still don’t know if it is a killer feature o not but I’ve added rate based calculation for order tag prices.

Rate based order tag price calculation is cumulative. I mean sum of order’s price and other order tags before rate tag used for calculation. So placing discount tag to last place on order tag group list will use other order tag prices while calculating price. Adding, removing tags, changing order quantity or price will also update amount.

That will have no connection to accounting but we can still use order tag template tags for reporting or printing needs.

I hope that will help order based discount or servicing amount implementation.


Think this will be handy feature.

Group based display format to allow specific order tag groups has different formatting on ticket view.


That looks cool. Will be nice to visually separate Status and Discounts from Modifiers.

I think I should elaborate one point here. Some of you may think why I’ve didn’t implemented that simple feature and forced people to implement complex tutorials instead. Honestly I never thought we can add a rate based price calculation feature for order tags. Instead I was thinking implementing a order state based calculation filter or order based calculation types. Both of these features still requires a lot of configuration so I thought it won’t worth. While reading latest discussions about order based discounts that simple solution come up and I’ve quickly implemented it. These discussions about tutorials might freak us but believe or not when followed properly these are great feedbacks and generally great features implemented afterwards.

The problem we’re facing now is… for V3 and V4 we were just releasing solutions so people can quickly solve their issues but for V5 version we still need to solve a business related issue and that forces me delay public release. I’m the only one who gives final decisions here but that situation does not directly relates with me. I’m trying to evaluate an opportunity that will benefit all of us so I’m waiting to finalize that. Releasing non public beta will be a great step forward and I hope we’ll be able to deliver solutions quickly like we did before. I think that will happen in two or three weeks.

I want to thank countless times to everyone for helping me to keep SambaPOS alive. I appreciate a lot of people has great contributions here. I’ll perfectly balance win conditions for our close friends, for regular users, for technical people, for partners and for us.


How can we show in total discount order tag like this please