New £5 notes in the UK

Do these annoy the sh1t out of anyone else?

They dont lay flat and jump all over the place. Kids (my main customers) fold them up and they’re a PAIN IN THE ARSE!!

Anyone else?



LOL, from experience in Australia they stick together when wet - so keep the bar nice and dry :wink: got over changed a few times in busy bars where notes were stuck together.

Im still playing the lowest serial game, check the float tin and till now and again, AA22 is lowest so far. Also look out for AM, that artist guy did some micro drawing on a few of AMs and put in circulation - meant to be worth a bit aparently hehe.

But yes, the creasing things is anoying.

all 4 have different serials.

they’re worth £50k each, I’m always keeping my eye out for them.

My sister has AA01 but they’re not really worth as much as they were first selling on eBay

my brother has a framed AK47 lol

I read they were in the AM range… an AA01! nice, worth maybe keeping for future.
AK47 LOL that was stupid. guy actually thought he was going to get paid, did you see the guys response (although ebay is meant to be legally binding…)

Didn’t see response no?

He emailed the buyer saying when will he be paying and buyer replied saying he will send money for the ak47 when his shipment of cocane some in lol

You can always put on eBay :wink:

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: funny as hell.

We could! But I don’t see the point. Aren’t they worth like… £5 :joy::ok_hand:

Most auction ones when we had a look online were sitting at like 4.50-5 so could almost make money buying all the ones with bids less than £5 lol