New category, new product adding problem V5

I make the new category, add product. Category button appears in POS but when I click the keyboard comes up and no product button is there.

And then there is another issue, I can change Menu categorie headers, but they won’t change in the Product list, like Breakfast --> Brunch …

I’m lucky I’m still trying, but I’m losing so much time doing stuff that I really think I made the wrong choice getting a license for SambaPOS5 at the eatery. I’m home trying on an unregistered trial BTW. Tomorrow it’s getting serious when they deliver the POS and I’m nervous as hell I can’t figure out anything.

I thought it would be straight forward, but it’s not. The forum is riddled with problems solved, but non seem to be related to my problems, and there is no step-by-step ‘manual’. I paid for V5.

I’ve seen a few people struggle with the way adding products work (mainly people who don’t regularly use computers or are older). A few of my dad’s friends who have takeaways have all seen the system and been impressed, but put off as they think it’s too difficult (which I suppose to them it is). However the payoff of having a more complex design is more flexibility.

You made a category. You made a product. But now you have to tell the program to put the product in the category on the main screen.
Go to settings, products, menu list, Double click menu. You should see your categories. Double click breakfast than add your product. Don’t forget to click save

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Sounds like you forgot to click save. If nothing updates I always just click log out and log back in to refresh it.

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I need to make a new category, than add products to it. I made Ice Cream as a category, than added the ice cream products, the Ice Cream button shows up in the POS, but as I click it the keyboard pops up, and there are no products (buttons).

I can change all the category ‘headers’ names, but they are not changed in the products list, only in the menu.

How did you add the products?
It sounds like you didn’t click save.

The products just don’t show up in the menu list, so I can not select them to add to the product list on the left.

It’s just a weird way of working, it looks like the flow is not really thought through, Too much different handling, not logically. It should be possible not to log-out and log-in to save input.

I’ve figured it out, you actually need to search for the products to move into the menu list, another thing that should/could be automated I think.

Anyways, it’s going to be a lot of work, figuring out everything, and this is just the easy part.

Thanks for the help.

Here is a guide for adding products / menus. Just skip past the part about clearing / deleting products as you likely are ahead of that already. It’s for V4 but everything is relevant for V5:

You can also find a lot of links to useful topics on the welcome topic:

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No it is a good way of working. This gives you great flexibility to be able to define Products that do not actually appear on your Menu Screen. This is a good thing.

Again, no it should not. If it was automated then you would not be able to add the same Products to multiple Menu Categories and you could not prevent having Products :automatically being added to Menu Categories.

Besides, when you create a Menu Category, it already asks you if you want to add all Products that have the matching Product Group Code.

Ever since V2 this behavior and configuration has stayed the same. You just need to learn it, then it becomes simple and eventually, you will understand why this method is more intuitive and flexible in every way. As we move on to V6, I doubt this will change, because users are used to the methodology and they understand why SambaPOS was built in this fashion.

You will get there… the learning curve can seem somewhat steep to begin with, but when it begins to “click” for you, then your understanding will ramp up very quickly.


Second that, it is a much more flexible way of working and 3/4 of the last pos systems I have used have used a similar system where products are define separately to the buttons/menu.
This makes many thing allot more efficient for example portioned products where you want buttons for the portions. Like pints and halfs, rather than having a beer button which then asks pint or half you can have a pint and a half button which both use the same product but set a predefined portion for each button. Similar for wines which are mainly served but the glass like house wine.

like q said you have to option to automatically add products with a group matching the category but its so simple to add may, you could search by group and select all the >> to move into the category for example if your group and menu category do not match or if the products have a common part in their name… you can search or scroll etc.


Sure I will learn, but I just yesterday got the message that I can not add this product because it’s used in another menu category, go figure it out …

Although I use computers since the early ninethies, did programming courses and excel etc I’m not an IT guy. I built/assembled my computers for many years, but this is a premade POS system, with new Sambasoftware, printers that are not common in other countries, and I don’t have the time playing around for too long. If there were a step-by-step instruction guide for most used items, I could learn much faster. now I have to try, look, post in the forum hoping someone had the same problem, analyse the issue. Difficult!

Samba looks easy and well built, but it’s not straight forward and logical for new comers to set up.

There are so many locations in the program you need to add something or click or get from a drop down menu that you lose track. Than put some code here and there … but yeah, many restaurants, bars, retailers they just buy the whole system and pay a guy to service it.

If thats what you want Samba is probably not for you.
The point of it is that you customise EXACTLY to how you want it, no premade default must be done this way.
Half the regular setups are done in 3-4 different ways by different people as thats the flexability of the system.
You will see some of the forum regulars have a preference to a certain feature as more familier with it.
Kendash likes configeration tasks.
Q is SQL wizzard
I am becoming increasingly font of Scripts
Some like tags, others prefer entities, the list goes on.

If you want a plug and play ready to go system you might just be better buying an off the shelf system HOWEVER you are likely to still come up with hardware compatability issues for more obscure hardware.
Samba probably has the broadest compatability, generally if it can be setup on windows it will work with samba.

I have never seen this exact message.
If you can provide a screenshot or exact curcumstances we can see what is going on.
I think more likely is you are actually trying to make a second product with a name already in use and you definatly can have the same product multiple times in the same category and in multiple categories as have done many times myself.