Configuring Menus on First Install

When you install SambaPOS it generates some demo data for you so you can test SambaPOS. To clear demo data and create your products follow these steps.

###Clear transactions

If you own DatabaseTools module you can simply execute Clear Database Transactions task to clear all tickets. If you don’t see Clear Database Transactions task in the list click Create Default Tasks button.

If you don’t have DatabaseTools module follow this topic to clear transactions.

###Clear Menu

Click Products > Menu List > Menu to display categories. Clear all of these categories by clicking on category and Delete Category link.

Click Save after removing all categories.

Deleting Products

Click Products > Product List and Select all products by clicking Ctrl + A

Right Click on the list and select Delete Selected Items. Product List should be cleared.

Creating your products

In SambaPOS product category and menu category are different. Product category is useful for reporting and menu category is used to create menu buttons on screen. For example you may have multiple menus. In one menu Coffee may appear under Beverages and in the other menu it may appear under Hot Drinks. While creating products we should think how products should be categorised in reports. We’ll consider how it appears on menu screen later.

Start creating products by clicking on Batch Create Products Link

  • Start Category Names by # symbol.
  • Type Product Names under Category line
  • All Product Names should end with a price.

Click OK to Create Products.

###Configuring Menu

  • Click Products > Menu List > Menu to display default menu.
  • Click Add Category and Type category names

After clicking OK button SambaPOS will ask you if you want to add products automatically that matches the current category names.

Click Yes. SambaPOS will Add Soups under Soups category and Drinks under Drinks category. You can manually add remove products from categories by double clicking on category names.

You can move items from left to right to add more items under this category.

When you create a new product you should add it into a menu category to be able to see it on POS Screen.

This is how my new POS screen looks.


will clearing the database delete the receipe list.

i dont want it to happen then what shall i do run to clear the ticket and transaction manually

No it won’t. Creating a backup before such operations is a good idea though.

can i install this module on 2 or more machine or i should buy 1 module per machine, thanks

It will run on multiple machines if they all share same database.

I have 2 branches of coffee shop they have different database

For two branches you’ll need two separate Samba Market accounts and purchase two modules.

how to make tab product on pos screen

like he has catagory

I am not sure I understand what you are asking?

@kendash see the pic bellow
i am interested in this part

1 2 3 4 5

how do i put that field

That’s not a product tab. That’s just number selectors for qty its small keypad enabled from menu properties.

You may find more info about sub menu categories here.

if you are wanting 2 columns for your menu categories go to:

Manage-> Products-> Menu List-> Double Click on your menu-> Click Edit Menu Properties

in the pop up box change the “category column count” number to the number of columns you want, in my example i changed it to two, click OK then SAVE. Look at the third screenshot to see the effect


@emre @emreeren

Hi there.
I followed the tutorial to create my menu with categories and products inside categories. It works perfectly in the POS screen but when I look into the item sales report, the new products in the new categories don’t show.

The work period report shows the correct total sold but the item sales report only shows items from the original categories.

What am I missing?
Thanks in advance for the help!

You have to create products linked to those menu’s.

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Sorry to ask, but how?

Manage > Products

Create your products and portions. You need to make recipes and inventory items as well if you want to track inventory.

Oh my… It is all fixed and I feel a bit stupid about it…
I just needed to close Samba and open it again for it to be updated. It is now all working!

Thanks !

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This is a very good point. When you add new products to your menu, or when you make nearly any changes to your menu, you must at least logout and login to refresh the cache so that you can see your additions/changes.

Good day!
Just installed the app and trying to set my menu here. Have a question, sorry if this one is so easy, but can’t find a reply here))
What I should do if I need to create “under categories”? For example, I need like that “Soft Drinks” then opens "Juice", "Coffee", "Water" etc. then am going for "Juices" and it goes to "Apple juice", "Tomato juice", "Mango juice" etc. I understood how to create one category "Soft Drinks" then "Juice" but how to create another category that follows "Juice" Thank you so much in advance,