New Customer Display not working

Hi, I’m trying to use the new customer display but I’m having trouble getting it to work.
Here are my settings. Am i missing something?

Can you share the printer template?

also please follow all these steps including the Charset.

I also changed the file name to index.html but still no luck.

I just tested it on a default system and followed the tutorial and it works. Maybe go through the tutorial again just to be sure you don’t miss something.

I see 2 SambaPOS icons on the taskbar, maybe you customer display window is behind the main window?

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I had the Customer display browser hide behind the POS window.
It still does not display anything. My settings are here. I still can’t find the error. It was working fine when it was on Internet Explorer.

Can you send in pm a copy of your database i can check it out today for you.

Sending now, thanks Jesse