New designed was published


As you know we have updated our payment infrastructure on and now it’s working with a creditcard processing service because of PayPal stopping operations in our country.

And now we have updated the web site of and added some new features.

New Features:

  • Web site design
  • Reset Password Feature
  • Billing Information Screen
  • Mailing Service
  • Payment Service ( (Does not save creditcard information)
  • SSL for payment page security

Except these updates, works like as before.

SambaPOS Team


Looks great :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much @JTRTech

@Tayfun I made a couple small edits to your post for English translation. Was nothing big but a couple word usage cases were wrong.


@Jesse ok I will be happy if you send

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I already fixed it you should be able to see what I changed by viewing edits on your post.


Thanks a lot for editing


Is it possible to add invoice generation to the system?
I just purchased a licence and received no receipt, only a confirmation email.

Yes, you will get invoice and you will see your invoice on your profile page.

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Hello, is there going to be any future updates regarding resellers or multiple samba license purchase per user account? Currently a user can only purchase 1 license per account, and if they needed another they would have to create another account to purchase another license…



Yes, you will have one account and you will see your all licenses in your profile page.

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Yes I can see that. But you can’t purchase same module more than once.

You can buy license for v5, but you can’t purchase v5 license again on same account

I could be wrong but right now that may be impossible due to how it works in sambapos itself. I mean how would it know which of the licenses you want to use. Emre more than likely will have to redo that part first.

Each samba license code is unique. I thought the fact each is uniquely generated, it would be possible, then the only things you could add would be which PC the license is assigned to. If none are assigned then it can say available for example.
In samba market, once logged in, maybe have like a box open with a choice to choose which available license to choose. Or it just automatically chooses one if one is available and if one isn’t then it simply doesn’t activate… I know it seems easier said than done, but just an idea I suppose


@Shivan that will probably work like creating accounts & managing licenses through a single reseller account. I mean each license will assign to a unique account as before but they’ll group under a reseller account.

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So if I understand it right, A reseller account could have multiple single accounts attached to it, and they could each have the ability to purchase a license for it. A reseller could then manage all the client’s it had sold licenses to by linking each client account to reseller account. So a reseller could have access to a client’s account for database code license reset in case of something going wrong. Is this right or have I read it wrong?

I also believe having a notification under each license purchased to state whether that license is in use or it has yet to be used. It would allow ensuring that once license code is reset, it would show ready to activate, and then that information would suffice in activating the license within sambapos of the client system.

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Yes @Shivan you are right.

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@Tayfun I was checking out the new design and it looks great! There are a couple things I noticed. I clicked on terms of use policy and it is in Turkish even though the website is English additionally the About Us is also Turkish and seems to be outdated compared to the new design.

Your probably aware but I thought I would mention it. Great job btw I love the new look!

Edit: it seems all of the bottom ribbon is in Turkish. Perhaps that part was not finished?


@Jesse Thanks for your nice comment. “About Us” page was just published in English. will work under soon then we will renew some pages. We are working on “Terms of Use and Privacy” document in English. We published it in Turkish first because payment proccessing company want to see it in Turkish. We will publish it in English very soon.

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Just a sugestion, but on the modules page Maybe make the v5 License in a separate section above all the V4 Modules, because at the moment its not extremely clear that the v5 lincese comes with all the modules