New EFTPOS Integration

Hello team , can this be integrated ?

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@Tayfun can you look to this?

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Of course @gsreddy Integrations will be made for Australia. We have a development schedule.


@Tayfun any update on this ?

We still discuss for integration with TYRO but they are too slow. Getting a reply from them takes weeks. We are ready for integration. I will send email to them again in this week.

You should go for for Australia This will cover a lot of eftpos machine from major banks in Australia. I using eftpos Machine from ANZ bank also have a Paypal here and Square for backup. By the way TYRO machine just look big and weird for me.
Anyway if you go with TYRO I have no choice but to get it. :smiley:

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@neo_classic2004 is there any integration for NZ , like paymark ,smartpay etc?

Of course we will do the integration for NZ after Australia.

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Hi @Tayfun, any updates on CC integrations for Australia? Thanks

And New Zealand :grin:, cheers.

we have quite a few interested with us too. Have been telling them for about 2 years now its coming in soon. Not sure whats needed to speed things up.

Its a basic need and all pos have linked or integrated option , i belive the linked will get back with transaction status through api , have shared documentation 2 yrs ago . For NZ . Hopefully someone will initiate

Payments integrations are not simple. It takes a lot of legal work and negotiation as well as the required coding work and security.

HI Jesse,

Do we have a timeline for this as for last 2 years we have been telling our clients this is coming soon. at the start of the year I was advised it was on this years roadmap. With the year coming to an end is there anything we could do to speed up the process. We had initiated the process to have an integration done with Tyro having all the legal requirement done back in 2018. If there is anything we could do to have this sped up being local in the country would love to help.

Eftpos NZ have two option one way or two way ,one way is better than nothing , which believe to send amount to eftpos machine rather manually enter so mistakes can be cut. we have to check whether accepted .hope this is easier way to devolop, refer below link


Any ideas when this will be implemented? I want to go down the kiosk route but can’t if there’s no EFTPOS integration.

Cheers :+1: