New Entity Screen Tables not Update State after closing Ticket

Hi Emre

Latest release of your great software …

This morning I’d like to add a New Entity Screen.
Following your instructions I:

  1. Add Entity Screen —> Called it Bar

  2. In Bar —> General Settingss:
    Ticket Type: Ticket
    View Mode: Custom
    Background Image: I create a new one with tables

  3. Entity List:
    Entity Type: Tables
    Status Filter: Status
    I add 10 Entitiy
    the first was B10 …

  4. Mappings:
    Add one with all *

  5. At this point I went in POS and I saw the new Entity BAR.

  6. Right Click —> I added a new widget–> entity button
    Right Click on the new Button --> Settings —>
    Resource Name:B10
    Caption: 10
    Font Size :26

  7. Out from Design Mode.

  8. Now I made one new ORDER on table B10 from the new Bar Entity

  9. the problem is that the Table B10 change color after closing the new order ONLY in All Tables Entity and not in the new Bar Entity.

Thank’s a lot for now



I have fixed the problem. There was a my error at Point 1.





Nice to hear you solved that :slight_smile:
You may want to read more about States so I’ve prepared a tutorial about that.

Maurizio, Please explain how you fixed the issue.

I was a my stupid error …I have selected Entity List—> Entity Type :Customer and not Tables …