New handheld pos or portable with ordering app that uses txt and sms only no http or tcp ip to take orders

so i personally don’t need this solution at moment but i am sure it has its nitch for food trucks and mobile carts etc . so new handheld android devices powered by a gsm sim card for txt and SMS are coming packaged with online ordering app and system . txt SMS server relays the messages between customer android mobile app ordering to restaurant kitchen pos with the printer to an admin laptop for the boss at restaurant all runs on SMS and txt no html. i could picture th3e need for this in the market so Sambapos could start thinking how to make this even sweeter thx

Two way communication

(1)For SMS mode, it is easier operation.

customers make order via mobile phone. When the printer receives orders, it will print it out automatically. User of printer can select to confirm or reject orders, entering the delivery time (for accepted orders) or reject reasons (for rejected orders). Then the orders will be sent back to customers.

Besides, you can also install a GSM modem. Customer places their order via sms. Then, server will forward order to the SMS Printer located in restaurant kitchen. Restaurant acknowledges/prints order and specifies optional delivery time. Customer receives acknowledgement of order and expected delivery time.

(2) For GPRS/WIFI, it requires that you have your own website platform, including the IP, port, filepath, callback URL.

Setting some parameters (e.g. ip addr, port, filepath, callback url.) in printer, then printer will communicate with sever.To identify each device from sever, u also have to set some other parameters, such as: RES ID, login web username, login web password, etc.

As per the setting GPRS/WIFI auto check interval, the printer will query the sever at regular time(according to the setting in that parameter). If sever gets order, the server will response printer to download it. When the order comes, the ringtone prompts, and order can automatically be printed out. The printer will then ask the user to confirm/reject the order., After that, the terminal wil send back the confirmation of the order via GPRS/WIFI connection to the website server in order to update the website database with the order status

I don’t understand because you can do this now with online ordering and a hotspot. Why text order?

Your saying let customer text an order?

Using SMS is outdated, it has limited data you can send. Any new solution would not use SMS for this now given the widespread availability of mobile data.

Plus as Jesse says, this solution already exists with both GloriaFood and to some degree RestaJet, both of which have integrations with SambaPOS.