New here, I have some questions about TAX and CC processing

Hi, I’m installing and configuring Samba POS V4 for a Mexican restaurant, my first question is about taxes:

1.- We have 2 taxes: local tax which is 2.25% and State Tax which is 6.25% (this totals 8.5%). I want to keep both tax templates separate, but I cannot make it work. I had to delete one of the templates and make the one who was working at 8.5%.

2.- In order for taxes to display the right way, I have to create the products with the tax included, I don’t want to create product prices with tax included, I want SambaPOS to add taxes to the sale and I want to be able to see taxes in the ticket before charging a customer. How can I do it?

My other question is about CC processing, what is the best way to integrate a CC gateway or processor in SambaPOS (I’m in the US)?

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I have found to exclude tax from price, only issue is that I needed to restart the application in order to make the change work.

Now, How can I use 2 different taxes at the same time?

  1. I’ll be available in about an hour to make a tutorial for you.
    2 you can make CC payment but You can not process CC in sambapos yet. You’ll need an external machine for it.

Hi, tks for your reply.

I have managed the Tax things, for some reason, I have to reset the software in order to make it work. So by now both tax templates are working now.

If I add a card reader is it possible to process CC through the internet with any card processor? I have talked with one in the US called BluePay, they have integration routines for visual studio, can we use them?

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You need @emre To answer that blush:

Anyone here used BluePay before? I’ve checked their website. Seems like integration will be easy.

I have talked to them about 3 weeks ago, they have all the APIs and samples of integration in different languages, here you can get all the info:

Yes, integration looks easy. I was beginning a project for programming a POS system, but I found sambapos with all I need, so I quit doing it and adopted sambapos, the only missing part is the CC processing, here in the US are a lot of processors, and out of my research this is one that offers what I need.

If it can be integrated in SambaPOS would be perfect.

OK. In my country there is no such service. I have some general idea about how it operates in US but it will be awesome to hear some rough details about needed functions and operational steps. How do you expect to operate it? I mean we won’t just process payment as soon as card swipes right?

Also I need to understand if there are any differences between how restaurants operates it or is it same for everyone?

@Jesse will you also need such feature?

In my experience, payment gets approved when you swipe the card, the merchant gets the money in 24hours. Most of the POS systems I’ve seen here works that way, through a gateway. I do need that feature.

In the customer account, you can see that the amount is in pending state, that means that the bank approve it, when the merchant gets the money, the customer can see in it’s account that the transaction changes from pending to a debit/credit.

If you can see the examples, it works that way, the procedures they have makes that interaction. Here an example of a transaction:

’ *
’ * Bluepay VB.NET Sample code.
’ *
’ * This code sample runs a $3.00 Credit Card Sale transaction
’ * against a customer using test payment information.
’ * If using TEST mode, odd dollar amounts will return
’ * an approval and even dollar amounts will return a decline.
’ *

Imports System
Imports BluePay.BPVB

Namespace BP10Emu

    Public Class Run_CC_Payment

        Public Sub New()
        End Sub

        Public Shared Sub Main()

            Dim accountID As String = "MERCHANT'S ACCOUNT ID HERE"
            Dim secretKey As String = "MERCHANT'S SECRET KEY HERE"
            Dim mode As String = "TEST"

            ' Merchant's Account ID
            ' Merchant's Secret Key
            ' Transaction Mode: TEST (can also be LIVE)
            Dim payment As BluePayPayment_BP10Emu = New BluePayPayment_BP10Emu(

            ' Card Number: 4111111111111111
            ' Card Expire: 12/15
            ' Card CVV2: 123

            ' First Name: Bob
            ' Last Name: Tester
            ' Address1: 123 Test St.
            ' Address2: Apt #500
            ' City: Testville
            ' State: IL
            ' Zip: 54321
            ' Country: USA
                    "123 Test St.",
                    "Apt #500",

            ' Phone #: 123-123-1234

            ' Email Address:

            ' Sale Amount: $3.00


            ' Outputs response from BluePay gateway
            Console.Write("Transaction ID: " + payment.getTransID() + Environment.NewLine)
            Console.Write("Message: " + payment.getMessage() + Environment.NewLine)
            Console.Write("Status: " + payment.getStatus() + Environment.NewLine)
            Console.Write("AVS Result: " + payment.getAVS() + Environment.NewLine)
            Console.Write("CVV2 Result: " + payment.getCVV2() + Environment.NewLine)
            Console.Write("Masked Payment Account: " + payment.getMaskedPaymentAccount() + Environment.NewLine)
            Console.Write("Card Type: " + payment.getCardType() + Environment.NewLine)
            Console.Write("Authorization Code: " + payment.getAuthCode() + Environment.NewLine)
        End Sub
    End Class
End Namespace

@emre I know I would need something like this but I have not had the time to research it yet. I’m still using my machine. I will look into it.

It would certainly make things a lot easier and I would switch to using something like this if it were possible to integrate it. As far as the actual processor I have not researched them much. I guess I should.

Are you asking all these details from customer for cc payments? This looks like a sample for website payments.

OK. Let me investigate it a little more for possible requirements.

The way it reads it looks like its for web payments.

The code I posted is VB.NET code that cam be integrated in any system. Processing goes through the internet, so internet connection is needed.

If you want, I can setup a call so you can talk with bluepay.

@abekeris what bluepay offers just plain simple and easy to understand. I’m trying to understand what we’ll do from SambaPOS side. Honestly I don’t want to invest a lot of time for that feature as it will be obsolete in US by 2015.

I’m searching for device integration options instead.

Process are the same, only the reader device is different (I have a chip card since a long time). Can I help with device search?

Is there a way to launch an external program based on a rule? or a script so we can “integrate” in a certain way any other process?

you can launch .bat files via an action and rule. Look at Start Process action.

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Is there a way to wait for an external process and exchange parameters?


I am not sure how I missed this discussion. I am one person that is checking SambaPOS forums frequently just to see if there is any announcement on credit card processing.

I am familiar with the way the interface should behave for restaurant POS. Let me know if you need assistance and I can show you Credit Card processing flow on a different POS system.

Credit Card Processing is for restaurants is different from retail Credit Card processing.

Card is swiped and approved or denied for a fixed dollar amount.


  1. Credit Card is swiped and it is pre-authorized certain amount(put on hold on the POS).
  2. Second step is to open previously pre-authorized transaction, add a Tip(Gratuity) and finalized sale.
  3. At the end of business day Credit Card batch is closed.

In US, Credit Card sales are about 60%-85% for restaurants. Credit Card processing is a highly desired feature in US.

I am willing to pay up to $200 if it is sold as a module.

PM if you need any help.

Best Regards,