New installed Samba Crashed as soon as click Manager

I have a big problem I don’t know what to do. I am trying to install a brand new Samba v5 for my customer. The installation went well like any other pc I have done. But this time, after the installation completed, I haven’t setup anything at all, when I log in and click Manage to setup the store, Samba Software crashed.

I basically can click on any button on screen except manage button.

Has anyone enounced with this problem? I have un-install database, dot net and visual studio and start again over and over again and it still come with the same result. When I click Manager, the system freeze and crashed.

I am installing on windows 7 Ultimate.

Please advise.


Is there anything in the log file? Anything in the event viewer?

Also, if you have visual studio installed and are familiar with it, you can attach the debugger then pause the debug session, then screenshot the call stack window, and paste it here.

Where can i find the log file?