New POS design from Partnertech

So I have not asked for pricing sheet yet but this new POS hardware from my hardware partner, Partnertech, looks sweet. I am going to ask for a pricing sheet Monday. I am shopping around to redo all my terminals at my restaurant and I want something modern and sleek and these look sweet. @markjw They are probably expensive but check these out. Partnertech did a nice job on these.

Considering the only storage option are the M.2 2280 PCIe Gen3.0 x2 SSD I am sure these are expensive but who knows. The performance should be very nice though.


Yeah I saw the Audrey at an exhibition a few months ago, it looks really good. The model they had there was “rose gold” I didn’t care for that colour but the release models are black / grey also. I can say it definitely looks as good in real life as it looks in the photos and videos online. In the UK it isn’t available yet, if I recall correctly they said September. They couldn’t share pricing with me yet as it hadn’t been finalised (spoke to them about 2 weeks ago).

I think they will be priced at the higher end, but also they have a Celeron processor version they can’t price that too highly, and the SSD fact isn’t really a factor, a 64Gb (or even 128Gb on some models) is usually priced the same as a 320Gb / 500Gb hard drive model these days. All systems we sell now are SSD, I haven’t sold a system with a hard drive now for over 2 years.

Regarding pricing, they told me they were aiming to bring a product out that compares to the Aures Sango, so I would assume the pricing would also be comparable. I can’t mention pricing publicly here on the forum but the Aures Sango would probably come in less than $100 more than the SP-850.

That’s gorgeous.

Hopefully they don’t cost an arm and a leg here in Australia haha.