New restaurant Need pos

Dear all,

Hi recently have a friend open an new restaurant.
We had purchase some POS hardware, now we are looking forward to using samba pos v4 as the software.

However can anyone guide us what to do after we install the system?

We are very new at it.


Welcome to the community. As a new user you might struggle a little in the beginning but your best resource is the Tutorials Category of the forum.

Practice the tutorials even ones you wont use in your system it will get you familiar with the Actions,Rules etc.

Additionally you can utilize the search function of this forum and most beginner questions have already been answered many times.

You should know that version 4 will no longer receive updates,fixes, or feature additions.
Version 5 is the newest version and it really offers a lot more that version 4 can not do. You also get a trial period to decide if you want to purchase a license or not it will work for up to 500 tickets and after that it still works it just will display an annoying popup reminding you to purchase a license.

As you can see you have many options available so take some time to read through the forum and familiarize yourself with the system.

Here are some more helpful links that are generally not easy to find on the forum. These may not be helpful now but bookmark them you will eventually find them very valuable as you get more experienced. - Available in version 4 and 5 - Version 5 only - The community Wiki


Dear Kendash,

Thank you, I will start trying now.
Or is there any services such as helping us set up via teamviewer?

Actually what the cost of V5?

Thank you

Here is information about version 5 cost.

There are no TeamViewer services right now. It seems daunting at first but trust me once you start doing tutorials you will find its really not that hard.

You can place an ad for services requested inside the Ads forum category there might be some community members offer to assist you for a fee. Some might do it for free.