New set of ticket/order number everyday

Hi everyone,

not sure if this double post for helps. i just installed a new Samba POS v5. i just realized it didn’t start new ticket everyday, it continue off the last one. for examples. 3/25/17 it has 80 ticket closed for that day. next day 3/26/17 it continued 81 to 168. i would like to know if there anyway to changed or using a different setup to make this start from 1 again. i am not looking for delete the transaction everyday to bring back to 1 from the SQL script.

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Ticket number/Id will always be incremental.
This is requirement for database to work.
You can create a daily ‘ticket’/‘order’ count using say a ticket tag and a program setting value.

thanks JTR.

can you give some helps. not sure what to do now. i’m too new to sambaPOS.

thanks again