New setup based on showcase examples

I love what I am seeing here especially from Jesse. Where can I see and learn how to do this?
IS this all custom on us or is this (can this be) a part of paid setup support?

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You might find the odd cofig task or import file but generally setups especially more complex ones like ones showcased will be very custom and specific to a perticular setup so less suitable for a general replication but paid support if you don’t think your up to replicating yourself may be option.

Which parts do you like the most? I can try and explain what I did.

I like the Administrator / Employee login screens. How do you add those widgets? I like the TO GO orders widget, TICKETS widget, and POS Tables widget.

At this new restaurant being opened they use a time clock (punch card) but I like this computer time clock interface and I would like to learn about that and implement that in a test environment and maybe pass that on to the restaurant and they may use it.
I like your Interface with the users Jesse and Melissa.

Your menu layout is fantastic. I am currently working on a menu and learning how that works.

Here is mine so far

I need to setup a “to go” function and so far all I have done is create new entity names like To Go 1 and To Go 2 and have a new table screen entity for to go orders. I don’t really know how to make it better. Client just says they need to go orders or “open orders” and not have it tie up a real table.

I like your Choose type of order To Go // Dine In

The To Go ticket screen looks very useful I like that a lot.

Currently on my menu screen if you click Coke sprite or dr pepper you get those drinks added to the ticket side.
If you choose tea, you get a drink modifier screen.

I do beer the same way only because I know no other way.
I click the yellow beer button and then I get Beer on the right, then click that and get the listing.
I wish the yellow beer button when straight to the modifiers for select items.

Why all beers as modifiers rather than products?
Think you need to restart samba, looks like you set dark mode but not restarted.

Cause I am new and do not know enough about it yet. I want it to be more fluid and better. I thought modifiers was the way to go. I can redo that one and make it Products.

Start new topic rather than clutter this one with general questions.
Products is how varst majority would do that. Then you have portions for pint/half or whatever sizes you serve

JTR go ahead and move these discussions to a new topic we can discuss there.

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Oh yer?! Can do that now LOL

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I am getting better and learning how it all works. Got the beer sorted out.

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There are lots of cool little things you can do to build a menu. Sub menus, menu changing, order tags, pictures, etc

If you serve draft and offer say pint and half you can also add a product twice to menu, present potion to button and change button header to x pint and x half.
Guessing by the range though it’s bottles not draft.

Yes its bottles I believe. I will consult with the client.

So can you tell me about the togo and dine in pop up?
Also how are the widget type screens are made?

They also use a Pandora Box device that has its own web page. I am wondering if I can add a music control enitity to open that page in a frame somewhere so that they do not have to exit the POS app to get to the screen to change music.

Yes you can control your box. I used ticket tags and an ask question action with automation command executed rule.

There are examples on the forum you may need to dig them up though.