New Ticket Lister formats

fyi <block> tag also supports background color if it helps.

<block margin color>

setting a margin is required to set a color.


Hmm I must have read over that. I will toy with that now.

Lol interesting I will have to play with this to get it right.

That was White as a test … I see it applied it only to the area that script was called at. So to get a result for total ticket we may need to build entire ticket template inside a call.

I’ll recommend you to use a single bright red color to indicate “late” orders and keep everything else black and white. Otherwise staff should keep staring on screen to see red color between oranges, greens, blues.

Also it might not be needed to turn whole band color to red as we do it to indicate selected row. I think only changing the background color for the time label will be enough. Increasing margins a little bit will also expand it to band boundaries.

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I prefer just the text color change myself. And I think I agree just white and Red is good enough for me.

i like this :wink:
how to do that?
And how to display orders with the new format?

<size 100><sym></sym></size> <size 50>Workperiod</size>
[=('{SETTING:ISCURRENTWORKPERIODOPEN}'=='TRUE' ? '<color #FF9BDD59><bold><size 50>OPEN</size></bold></color>' : '<block 5,5,5,5 Red><italic>CLOSED</italic></block>')]

Notice the line that is responsible for setting the background color:

<block 5,5,5,5 Red><italic>CLOSED</italic></block>

You can also specify color in Hex:

<block 5,5,5,5 #FF0000><italic>CLOSED</italic></block>

More flexibility to set transparency level in Hex with first 2 characters:

<block 5,5,5,5 #33FF0000><italic>CLOSED</italic></block>

New formatting Tags…

Tag Helper Function …


I just polished a little this code and added the {BALANCE} tag. This allows us to list ALL tickets and see wich ones have been settled.

<J><block 30><color #AA00FF00>{TICKET NO} </color></block>
<L><size 12><block 10>
{CALL:tlister.min('{TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status}','{BALANCE}')}


function min(minutes,balance)
var test = minutes;
var saldo = balance;
var resultado = '';

if (saldo != '')

  if (test>10)

    resultado = '<R><block 176,0,0,0><color Red>' + test + ' min.</color></block>';


    resultado = '<L><block 176,0,0,0>' + test + ' min.</block>';


  resultado = '<R><block 176,0,0,0><color Blue>PAGADO</color></block>';

return (resultado);


I just did this because I need to do a quick look at some tickets, even thoe they have been settled…



PD now I need some help here… I would like that when I clikc a Ticket, it opens it… can this be done?


I think I found it:



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how can i get the order lines to all line up? If the customer name (in blue) are different character lengths then the order lines are pushed along, How can I set the customer name (in blue) so that the space is occupies is 15 characters long, so that no matter how long the customers name is the order lines all line up

heres what my problem is, you can see that as test and rick are both 4 characters long the order lines line up. Kay is 3 characters so the order lines start one character back and longer name is 11 characters and pushes the order lines along

here is my ticket lister format

<J><block 1><color #AA00FF00>{TICKET ID} </color></block>
<J><block 1><color #2D89EF>{TICKET TAG:Open Bar Tabs}</color></block>
<L><size 10><block 10>
<J><block 300,0,0,0><color red>£{TICKET TOTAL} </color></block>

<J>  [=('{QUANTITY}x' + "    ").substring(0, 4)] {NAME}|£{TOTAL AMOUNT}<br/>

Set a Width for your blocks.

<block margin color alignment width>

color     : choose your format: Red, #FF0000, #55FF5599
margin    : comma-separated list in this order: Left,Top,Right,Bottom
alignment : valid values: left,right,center,justified
width     : if you specify an alignment, you should also specify a width

So to amend this <J><block 1><color #2D89EF>{TICKET TAG:Open Bar Tabs}</color></block>

is this right?

<J><block 1,0,0,0><color #2D89EF><alignment left><width 15>{TICKET TAG:Open Bar Tabs}</width></alignment></color></block>

No it should be

<block 1,0,0,0 #2D89EF left 15>{TICKET TAG:Open Bar Tabs}</block>

brill thanks ill try it now :slight_smile:

bit of tweaking and im getting there :smile:


heres my final version, what you think?


Very nice Rick. Little busy for me but that looks nice. Good job.

Nice job.
Can you Please post the template? :wink:

Here it is

<J><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 100><color #AA00FF00>{TICKET ID} </color></block>
<J><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 200><color #2D89EF>{TICKET TAG:Open Bar Tabs}</color></block>
<L><size 10><block 10>
<J><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 110><color #FFF79646>{TICKET QUANTITY SUM} </color></block>
<J><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 150><color red>£{TICKET TOTAL} </color></block>
<J><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 140><color #FF8064A2>{USER NAME} </color></block>

<J>  [=('{QUANTITY}x' + "    ").substring(0, 4)] {NAME}|£{TOTAL AMOUNT}<br/>

Other settings


What can we put in filter? I saw @Jesse screenshot has [tt:xxx]. Can you point me to the list of things we can put it in there please? Can it take multiple filters by comma separate value?

I try to filter by Ticket State but it is not working.

Unpaid,TicketType is Delivery
Unpaid,TicketType == Delivery

‘{TICKET STATE:TicketType}’ == ‘Delivery’
‘{TICKET STATE:TicketType}’ is ‘Delivery’

Ticket state is available at top of ticket lister… So is order state no special filter for that. Try Unpaid,Delivery