New To Samba (Table Questions)

I will post screenshots of my setup and a backup of my configuration when I get a chance.

@antasp3136, I see what you mean now.
You cant see seat number in order line.

I just notice it too. All Order State are visible only Admin right user.

But you can do the same idea but use ORDER TAG instead of ORDER STATE.
I will try it later in a few days

Your automation command is it mapped as visible on Order Line?

Yes, everything is correct. If I change user role with Admin checked. It shows up

Can you show a screenshot of it not showing them?>

From the post below, Emre say Non-Admin user won’t see ORDER STATE:Discount

As you add orders SambaPOS will mark orders for these products as Discount. Non admin users won’t see this state or it won’t appear in reports.

Here is why it will not work. You did not actually define a State or a State flow for it. Give me a few minutes I will show you how to make it work and hopefully demonstrate States and State Grouping more accurately.

Ok instructions coming in moment…\

First we create an Order State with Group Code SStatus. Go to Settings/States

Update your Update Order State action and this time choose from the dropdown under State Name: SStatus

Now just update your rule to add the updated action and it will work!

This is a lesson in how to properly use States brought to you by The Man! haha jk

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You are the man. Yah, I don’t have to redo it. Thank you so much,

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Now I think Order State sorting maybe working with State Order.

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We really should use states more properly as I just demonstrated… rules and actions let you modify states dynamically but you can run into issues with State Flows… its better to define your flows from step 1.

BTW So now you can map rules etc to SStatus= and it will look for the status of Seating Order State

You can also do some cool things with printer templates now that you actually have a real state.

BTW you can do this for Ticket States and Entity States as well… Instead of using To Go ticket tags to define To Go orders you can create a custom State Flow using Ticket State so it shows To Go at top of ticket and you can define all sorts of cool behaviors around that state.

Can also use Order States for To go to flag specific orders as Togo and keep them separate from other orders on same ticket… that state can be read to show on a specific screen or printed specific place on ticket… etc

Can’t thank you enough,

Now with Order State Order, Print out is sorted and don’t even need to select sort orders to order state:x in printer template.


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States are awesome! It has made me rethink my entire setup lol

Yeah, States is awesome. I solve a lot issue with Ticket State and Order State.

Sorry I did not respond sooner I was very busy today and forgot about this thread until I saw you refresh it.

I moved 2 posts to a new topic: Can you put an if condition in a constraint?

ahhhh now it works!!! Thanks @Jesse !

@Jesse I can’t wait to see how your seats configuration is going to work!.. Id really like to be able to add guest to a table but keep them under the same order window but separate each order by guest to keep it organized… might make splitting up bills easier when its time for people to pay as well!

So I had a thought… When i select an item to add to a ticket could i have it ask me what seat number it should be added to?.. ive tried to do it but its not working… not sure what im missing… Or what im doing wrong… When i get to this screen i actually have to force close samba… its stuck in a loop and wont do anything when i choose a seat…

There is a way yes. Your probably using command value wrong. And your probably inserting the question at wrong place.

Show us your Ask Question Action and show the rule your using it in.