New Topic. Auto log out

As discussed in this post Need logout button!

We’ve managed to setup an auto logout delay that automatically logs out the user when the ticket is closed and it returns to the pos screen. However I’ve removed the close ticket acrtion from the print bill rule (this was done on purpose so when a bill is printed it wont return to the pos screen. I’ve explained that in the video) Since auto log out won’t happen with an open ticket on the screen is there any way to set up a delay on the close ticket action when the bill is printed I don’t want it happening right away. This would definitely make this new auto log out thing 100% perfect.

Watch this video for a better explanation

Sorry if I’m not allowed to create a new topic I just want help with this and so I made a new post and video in hopes that someone will understand what I’m wanting to do and can help me.

Is there any reason you havent installed the Samba Font on the computer shown in the video?

This is the server computer so it doesn’t get used. It’s installed on our other systems I believe. I remember when we first installed samba it asked me about overwriting a font file, on this pc I said no but I said yes on the other pc’s so it does seem to have a different font. Not a huge issue though.

It’s because Windows comes with a version of Segoe UI font installed, but the version in Windows 7 and earlier doesn’t contain all the symbols. The version that comes with SambaPOS is the full version, so the installer prompts about overwriting it, to which you need to click Yes otherwise you get the squares in place of symbols. I believe in Windows 8 and above the complete font is installed already in Windows because I am never prompted about overwriting the font on those OSs.

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Sounds about right and makes since why the windows 7 machine looks different than our other systems running 8.1