New trial functionality

A friend who is not to into computers asked me to help them set up Samba V5 for a small restaurant.
I been using POS and Supermarket systems before but not Samba. So get up to speed I downloaded the trail version on my computer.
What are the limitations comparing with the non trail version?
I feel plenty of functions is not behaving like it say in the help/tutorial section. I assume the help/tutorial section is for an older version since pretty much every picture and half of the words are different but when it comes to functionality? Is everything working as supposed or are there limitations?

There are no limitations to features and customization in trial version. It will prevent you from using it after you reach 500 orders or 500 invoices.

As for functions not behaving properly, make a post with screenshots of your actions and rules. Most issues are due to miss-configuration or missed steps.

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Hello, I want to say thanks you for that But I want to know more you have any article or anythings.

You can find tutorials here on forum or SambaPOS knowledge base online

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