New User with Various (Some Minor) Problems to Solve

Hello Samba Forum.

This is my first post.

I have been recently hired as a manager for a new company opening up, its a Kids Play Area with a Café attached.

The owners and I.T department have set me up with new the terminals and with Samba.

We have spent several weeks getting our system ready for what we want need in it and want to do, many of the forums have been very helpful and educational in aiding this process.

However I am encountering some issues.

I have used modifiers for our breakfast menu. Firstly to create options such as Bread or Toast, With or Without Beans. Which works like a charm.

However I have added another modifier for “Breakfast Extras” To Add additional items such as “+ Bacon £1” and “+ Sausage £1” which adds additional price. This work in theory and adds the item and the price no problem, but when I select it several times “+ Sausages £1 x 2” it only prints out “*+ Sausage £1” It does not print out the quantity on the tickets or kitchen printer.

Now because this is a product, should I add it another way? or is there a very simple thing I am doing wrong which doesn’t allow or show the quantity.

Please advice. And I will list the other technical difficulties I am having once I can resolve this.

Many Thanks

Check your Printer Templates. Ensure you are including Quantity in the Templates for Order Tags:

-- Format for order tags

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Thank you very much. Very simple.

Will be in touch soon. Moving the system from the office to the new building tonight.

Hello Again.

We have a few days after the our Soft opening using this system.

With the nature of the business, I have created a “Reservation” Function, and am using it to take deposits for Parties, then Reserve the remaining amount to a Customer, so then they can pay off the Bill when they arrive and I can “Check In” the party.

After a few trial runs I thought this was working. However, now I am trying to delete the Practice Customers in Entities “I.e Party Test” But it is saying “Cannot Delete as used by ticket”

I have made sure the bill is settled, and closed. I have even removed Customer Entity from Ticket, then attempted to delete again, but still it shows the same message.

All I am asking is when I have finished, settled and closed a Customer Entity, is how do I delete them afterwards please.

Many Thanks

I think you can’t delete entity that is attached to a transaction. Whay do you need to delete it?

I will be doing from 6 to 12 Parties a week which all need a deposit taken. I’d like to have them on the till, and store them, so I have a full copy of what has been paid on my system, how and by whom, then if they need to add or adjust it, I can open it back up and change it. Seems more logical and professional then writing it down, and it will mean my tills balance, as a deposit will be taken before the Party, say on card machine, so I need to put something through the till to make it balance. Then when they have had their Party and Paid several days later, I no longer need the information.

If I store them all, I will soon have 100s of old Customers details on the system that are no longer needed and the transaction has been completed.

Unless there is a way to take a Deposit for a Ticket or Customer, and keep the information attached to an individual booking on the system whilst being able to “End Work Period”, then the ability to close and delete it another way.

Maybe “Create Reservation” wasn’t the best way to go for this, but I couldn’t seem to find another way to fit this requirement.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, I need to delete some of them, as many where practice ones to make sure “Reservation” and “Check-in” worked properly. Now I have various false names, around 20, that will never be used again.

You have to clear the transactions in order to delete the entities.

You can clean all transactions using database tools module when you finish practice. Then you will be able to delete those entities.
For what you need i think you should use customer accounts system for customer credit or debit.

And for reservations you can use pre-order tickets

Sorry I don’t have time now to give more details. Try to search forum for more information about customer accounts. Maybe tonight I’ll have some time if you need.

Thank you for the advice, will look into it more when my I.T guy is here.

I can foresee an issue though.

As I have already created a “Reservation” feature, will this mean that now I am up and running, in order to delete a “Customer” I Have to delete the transaction, which means either going back through them or clearing them completely in the future, which may not be the best idea, just in case it goes wrong.

When creating a “Customer Account” and setting it to Credit, can I then close the Work Period at the End of Day? As this may be better for what I’m looking to achieve.

You can close work period when you have reservations on pre order tickets
Also whit Customer accounts credit

So what you need is creating half paid (deposit) pre-order tickets and accessing them later (by customer name) to convert to a regular ticket.

So you don’t need to create customer accounts. Instead of using customer entities you can store customer names as a ticket state and create a custom entity screen that lists open pre-order tickets in a ticket lister widget or custom reports widget.


Ok great, sounds like what I need.

Is there a thread on here or a guide to do this step-by-step available?

Many Thanks