NEW VERSION support Product Tag Print Mappings?

I was under the impression that there was no way to do it but according to the new update it looks like it’s possible now. Does the new update means it’s possible? I hear the newest version of samba allows print mappings for product tags just like you can with products. So salad dressing tags can be printed on a customers ticket but we don’t necessarily have to print that they wanted extra cherries on their duck. Due to that we have tags turned off/removed in the ticket template but I would love to add it back if we could choose which tags get printed just like we can with menu items… like wine beer and alcohol obviously doesn’t print in the kitchen we’d love to do this with tags as well.

Am pretty sure you can format tags individually in a similar manner to how we don’t print void but specifying [ORDERS:Void] which overrides the [ORDERS] formatting section.
For example [ORDER TAGS:Tag Name]

Print Job Mappings are not used to determine what is printed as part of the Template.

Print Job Mappings determine whether or not a Print Job is fired, and to which Printer, using which Template, based on things like Department, Ticket Type, Group Code etc. Now we can also use Product Tags (Custom or default) in the Print Job Mappings.

From the Release Notes:

Print Job Mappings now properly support Product Tags, both with and without specifying the Custom Tag Caption, so both of these appear to work:

With Tag Caption “MenuItemType” (more granular control):


Or simply without Tag Caption (less granular):


I believe any Tag containing a matching word will suffice, so if you have at least 1 Product Tag Caption defined that contains the value “Food”, then the mapping will apply.

Here is an example…

These Print Jobs filter which items are printed to which Printer/Template. The Mappings use the Product Group Code as a filter to ensure Food goes to 1 Printer/Template and Drinks go to another Printer/Template. This type of Mapping setup was necessary until 5.1.59 release.

Now with 5.1.59, we can simplify the Print Job Mappings by using (Custom) Product Tags. Instead of having 2 Print Jobs with a bunch of Group Code filters, we can have a 1 Print Job with 2 Product Tag filters. It achieves the same thing as the previous setup, but is far simpler to configure because of this new feature.

So basically what you just posted will allow salad dressings to print on the customers tickets but when we write special instructions using tags that won’t print on the customers ticket but it will print in the kitchen. Right? We will just group tags into categories and have only certain tag categories print on the customer ticket, and only certain ones to print on the kitchen ticket. Same way we do with products. And I know how templates work, I was saying I removed the tags from the ticket template so now tags only print in the kitchen. I can readd the code to allow tags to print on both printers (I don’t need help with that) if I can manage to map tags like we do with products.

I think either Q or myself are misunderstanding.
I took it you were wanting to not print the tag itself, Q took is as using tags as ‘filter’ for orders printed.

It sounded to me you wanted to only print certain order tags?

Yes. Sorry for the confusion. I want to map order tags by category or group to certain printers the same way we do with products.

Don’t think that’s clarified it.

Are you looking to selectively print order tags on particular templates or print orders based on their tags?

Your example was showing an order tag on kitchen print but not customer receipt right?

Sorry if I’m not being clear enough. I deleted the order tag template from the ticket printer so now all order tags print in the kitchen printer but not on the customer ticket printer. I’m going to add templates back to the customer ticket printer. By doing that it enables all tags printed on customer ticket. And we don’t need them seeing every order tag. Only the important ones so I’m wanting to only map certain tags to certain printers the same way we hage set up to have wine beer and drinks only print on the customers ticket and not on the kitchen ticket.

On my template I use a ternary function to only show tags with a value if thats any use;

Or you could specify tags to be ignored like you do for voids like said before by specifying empty format/layout for specific tag types. [ORDER TAGS:TAG NAME]

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So only order tags with a dollar value will print on customers ticket? I’m fine with that.

It’s not exactly what I was using so changed for this purpose but should work.
It’s pretty much an if, if X = Y then A if not the B

That did now I can choose which order tags print on the customers ticket without all of them printing. thanks so much!

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Hi Q, am uisng version 5.1.62 but print mapping not working with Product tag. Is there anything am not doing right?

First step is you are way behind on versions… we are now on 5.3.0

Quincy passed away some time ago unfortunately so he will not be able to respond. Try upgrading to latest sambapos and then if it still doesnt work feel free to create a new post about it and provide some detailed screenshots.

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