Newbie question

I want multiple people to use one terminal. Do they have to log out and in every time or can I set up a different department for each waiter/employee?

Can I then have them end a shift (work period) and see how many sales they have made during that shift? I am in Austria and waitstaff here just have a wallet that they collect all sales in and then cash out at the end of shift.

You could set up a different Department for each Employee, but that isn’t what Departments are made for. The user would still need to remember to click their department before entering Orders anyway.

You are better to use Login/Logout per-user and have only 1 Department. You can still report on per-User Sales in a single report, or multiple reports.

Maybe its not what you really want or the way you want it but you can also add a TICKET TAG named “employees” and have the cashier select the waiter that takes an order… waiter name would appear on ticket and in reports you can see how much each one of them sells. Plus a total amount of cashier, who is the logged in user.

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Or just make employee entities and you can mimic a log in using entity and assign it to tickets.