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Dear team and community,

I’ve been running and customizing SambaPOS for over a week now. It’s been a joy to work with this software and I must say I’m really impressed by the ease of use for both the administrators and staff. There is only one thing I can’t seem to set up properly: the display and printing of the EURO currency symbol.

I understand SambaPOS used the standard Windows regional settings for currency. Ofcourse the regional currency symbol is €. My printer is also capable of printing the currency symbol, and I have chosen a EURO-capable character set - so I believe it SHOULD work.

But it doesn’t. I suspect the problem resides in the fact that I use Windows 10 for my SambaPOS. Could Microsoft have changed the way applications can fetch regional settings in Windows 10? Or am I missing something else?

At this moment there is no currency symbol on the ‘settle’ screen and there is no way to print a EURO symbol with SambaPOS. The printer however is able to print it. I hope someone can help me setting this up.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
Geoffrey Bergman

Many members use Euro symbol with Windows 10. Maybe one of them can chime in.

We don’t add currency symbols automatically next to prices. If you want to see currency symbol you need to add it manually inside printer template, next to prices.

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