No Licence Module in Samba Market


I try to install SambaPOSv5 to show to my next door restaurant the benifit to use it.

So I backuped my own system, make a clean install of sambapos v5 on an other computer, restore my backup (with and without licence info, same behaviour), delete all transactions.

It worked on one computer+tablet. (except the annoying “reminder”, even if after the clean trasaction, there is no 500 tickets, it shows that reminder. Annoying whe I want to make some show case)

I did the same on another computer + tablet, on compu, ok;
On the tablet it does not show “unregistered trial”, but it says “No valid Licence found”.
When I go on the tablet (rdp on a different windows user on the server computer), the “licence module” does not appear.

I am on a separate LAN (no internet).


Sambapos license work on one database. The way you trying you need to buy a next license or connect other computers with the server database via wifi or lan.

Gyoull need Internet at some point.
Although you might not have a licence the v5 licence module would be installed.
No valid licence found is cause of the licence module not installed