No more update?

Is this project close?

Absolutely not! Version 5 will be out very soon :smile:


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Very active forum. And yes version 5 out soon. Just read the forum for 5 minutes it should be obvious its still alive and growing.

Version 5 is the next version. Version 4 will not get any more feature updates but it may get some minor fixes for breaking issues if they were to happen. All focus is now on version 5 which is currently in an invite only beta test. We are adding and improving it daily and hopefully it will release soon.


Hey guys.

Can you give us a date for the Version 5 or the beta version, for now ?


V5 release is expected in June

Hey @Marian,

Is there a specific feature your waiting for in v5?


Yes. Can you reserve a table for a specific time ? Let’s say 11 PM, but until then so I can be able to use that table, until 11 PM. And also, if the the 5 version will be able to upload my old db from version 4.

PS: This is just one thing, I have more, I am still searching on the forum.

So lets say you reserve it for 11:00 but you still want to be able to use it up until 11:00 how would you prevent someone from seating a person at that table at 10:59?