No Sale Button (Open Cash Drawer)

Hi all,

Is there a way that I can possibly add a button to the ‘All Tables’ screen that when pressed the cash drawer will open and a receipt prints out showing something like the following?

(I won’t need help making this, I just need help making the actual commands.)

So in short, I need a button that executes a command to print the ‘NO SALE’ Ticket which will open the drawer.


You would just make that template, setup a print job to specify printer and template for job, an action to fire the print job then rule to fire that action on that automation command.

As for the automation command itself you would have to change the entity screen to a custom screen which would allow you to add an automation command, not sure how that would fit with your setup.
You would then have to either use a layout type table plan (if your not already) or the entity grid widget (think that available in V4).

A alternative ‘patch type’ way if you dont want to use custom entity screen you might be able to achieve similar effect by adding a table entity called NO SALE and adapt the rule to look for that exact entity to be selected - your no sale print action - probably followed by a close ticket action…

Are you using default screen of entity or ticket creation?

Out of curiosity why do you want no sale from the table entity screen? How does that fit into your work flow?


This way seems like just what I need!

[quote=“JTRTech, post:2, topic:6095, full:true”]
Are you using default screen of entity or ticket creation?[/quote]

We are using the default layout that came with Samba for the table layout, We simply changed the table names.

There is sometimes a need to open the drawer (get money to pay for incoming stock, cashing up, paying staff etc)

Thought that would be the case…

Give me a few mins

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Okay then! Thanks for helping.

Ignore my ‘patch/botched’ suggestion.

Create a new entity screen, call it something like management and set that as custom screen.

A custom entity screen you can right click and set design mode and create your own automation command buttons and other thins.
Search forum for custom entity screen, should get lots of results for all sorts of ideas for other things you might like to put on that page as a general managers page.

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Okay thanks for that, I will try it out and reply to the forum if I have no luck!

I do not know how I would configure the automation commands to work when the no sale button is pressed.

you need a rule with event of automation command exacuted.
Then constrain it to that command, think you’ll use value for a button on entity screen rather than name but may be wrong on that.
You will still need the settings mentioned before;

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Really sorry for being a pain (am relatively new to this software).

I have created the Automation command
Name: No Sale
Button Header: No Sale
Confirmation: None
I have set no values.
I have set the default mappings (* in each column)

I am now configuring the rule:
Name: No Sale
Event Name: Automation Command Executed
Execute rule if Matches
Automation command name = No Sale

I assume the action I need is Execute Bill Print Job but I need the Constraint.

No need for a constraint, you have that in the rule itself.

As for the action NO that action will just print the bill.
You need to make a new template with your kick code only, a new print job using the template and ticket printer and a new action of exacute print job for the new no sale one, then add that action to the rule.


IT WORKS!! :smile:

Thanks so much!

Nice one.
Did you put it on a custom entity screen in the end?

No need for an additional template with just the kick code, just put the kick code at the beginning of your no sale template so you only need that one print job action :slight_smile:

Is that not the same?
Unless, see what your implying…
Have gone on the presumption he put his kick code on the bottom of his receipt template as most people seem to do it that way :slight_smile:

I thought your post was saying to create an additonal template with just a kick code, as well as a no drawer template and add them both to the rule, i may have read it wrong lol

:slight_smile: if I did it was a typo