NON Samba SQL Starts but stops straight away

So i reverted back from LocalDB to SQL Server 2016. When I installed it, it worked fine…

Rebooted and it starts manually… but stops straight away.

Its not a login failure, cos it starts… any ideas?


You may want to check Microsoft support forums for that it would give you better information

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… additionally check windows logs. There should be some log that explains the reason of shutdown.

I’ll google on how to find them

Out for a beer atm lol

My internet package ran out today, so I been working solely in Dev on GQLmodules. Bringing back the POS module soon, which is coded completely different that PM-POS (React) implementation.

Oh yah, drinking JD & Ginger, playing with my dogs (4), chatting with the wife, staring at the ocean, and working in-between …


I can’t imagine what I should be doing atm to be able to beat that. Humm…

Keep coding :wink:

Love my life these days - this is what you get when you live with “less”.

Now time to watch a movie… will probably be back at it (qoding) aftwerwards.

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Fantastic article! Funny and true! How did you ever find that?

From Hacker News.

I also have a IFTTT recipe to receive daily 10 most rated articles to my e-mail.

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