Normal portion always visible

first if I inserted a product without choosing the portion only the name of the product was displayed, now even if I do not choose the portion always shows me pizza.Normal, why?

You changed something… Are there more portions?

I have not changed anything, I have 2 portions for the pizzas, only the products with 2 portions I come out pizza.normal, those without portions come out only with the name

That’s typical behavior. If you have more than one portion it will default to first portion. It has done that for as long as I remember. V4 even did that.

Like kendash says.
You workaround I’d change get normal to come thing more fitting or set a ternary expression o your state formats and print tempates to ignore normal but personally I’d name to something more fitting like small and large or actual size etc
You can use menu item settings creatively too with that to have two buttons on same product but change header and preset portion which is what I have done a few times in place of autoselect on high qty products.

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I’ll explain what happened, by switching to the last version with Italian language, the system sees as default by default Normale and no Normal, changing all the names of the portions in Normale, printing only the name of the product.