Not Closing ticket until "Delivered" clicked

Hi All,

I am using John S’ Kitchen Display Setup. (Thank You John and Emre for great work).

The scenario I have is the following, some of out Takeaway customers will walk in,place an order, walk away and then return on a specified time to pick the item up.

The issue is, when the customer pays and we do a “Settle” the ticket is closed and cleared from the Kitchen Display. Is there anyway to ensure that all “Takeaway” tickets remain open with status “Paid” even after settling and only closed when “Kitchen Order Ready” or “Delivered”

Help and ideas much appreciated

Are you running this version Kitchen Display Setup

It supports payment before orders are ready.

Oooh, no I am not, I downloaded the earlier file, my bad and I apologise. To fix this, Can I use the Database Tools to import the setup without disrupting the data and my customisation? Or do I need to start from scratch?