Not show void items in Report

This question has already been asked but I did not find answer to this, So I am creating a new topic, I hope I am not making a mistake. I want to remove void items from this report, how can I do it.

[Total Item by Group TAGS):2,2,2, 1, 1]

Group|Portion|Item Name|[N]Quantity|[C]Total
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ItemGroup,O.PortionName,O.MenuItemName,O.Quantity,O.Total}

You need to add ODI=TRUE as in the example below

Soo add it in as above and that should work I think, i added a colon after O.Total then added (ODI=True)

That is on the basis you is default void automation and haven’t edited or created additional versions for other things.
ODI is the decrease inventory option on update order action. It is really for inventory/stock purposes of used but is a common way to key in to things like void on reporting constraints.
If you have copied the refund tutorial with option to ‘return to stock’ you may need additional thought into this.

I’m not sure if that was available in v4 let us know.

I think ODI=True is only available in V5, it didn’t work. I have also tried OS.GStatus != Void This didn’t work either. Any suggestions

It has been so long since I used v4. To be honest I do not remember. Your only option may be SQL or update to v5 and take advantage of all the new features.

Can you dot check against the default work period report. Sure the v4 wp report had order grouped details at bottom.

No you can’t. WP report in v4 was hardcoded.

Yeah I am desperately waiting to upgrade to v5, but I cant right now its not easy upgrading, I have 03 branches all working on v4. I can only upgrade after March. And I ll try it with SQL and see what happens.