Not tagging Ticket when is payout

Hi Guys,
hi have tried to find an solution but i dont know what a syntax i need write there.
I have a rule that tags a the ticket whit a number when the ticket is paid, it works all good, but how i can block tagging the ticket if i make a payout, it tags the ticket again but i dont want it.

thx for the answers! :slight_smile:

Clone that rule but ONLY put the action for tagging in it remove the other actions. Remove the Reamining Amount equals 0 constraint and change it to Remaining Amount Greater 1

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hi kendash,
thx for the answer but its not working…:frowning:
i thik i have done all right

or not?

You can also try checking if it is already tagged or not. Rollback to your original implementation and add a new constraint to check {TICKET TAG:Nro. Factura} is empty.


yeah its working thank you! :+1: