Notify kitchen for new orders by playing recorder voice message

Your constraint looks OK for default setup. To be able to have an idea about what might be wrong you can create a generic show message action and use that to evaluate what data related tags (such as {TICKET STATE:Status}) returns.

thanks Emre… can you help with correct below contraint

Its case sensitive so if state is Status then STATUS wont work. Same thing with NEW and New

Try {ORDER STATE:Status} Equals New

Hi Kendash,

didn’t work :disappointed_relieved:

Well nkahat1 I’ll be glad to answer your questions but help me with that constraint is not a question so I really don’t know how to answer your help request. sukasem already showed you the correct constraint and like I’ve said before it should prevent rule from executing. If it still keeps playing sound the reason of “not working” can be Anything

A feedback like not working, is the worst kind of responses for people who trying to figure out possible issue. There is no way to continue discussion as with %90 probability the reason of “not working” is just an unexpected mistake. Better add a screen shot that shows how you’ve changed your rule (the final state of your rule) so people will have a better idea about what to try next.

Thanks Emre ,
The {TICKET STATE:Status} return ‘Paid’ or ‘UnPaid’ in my case so I tried to use the order state intested.
But till now it doesn’t give any result.
I used {ORDER STATE:Status} but doesn’t work.

Thanks for your time

OK. even tiniest clues does miracles. (far more better than “not working”) That’s what we expect. It will return UnPaid so it won’t beep. When you add new orders it will return New Orders so it will beep.

If it is not New Orders when new lines added try transferring beep to Before Ticket Closing rule -as I’ve explained before- to ensure we can capture New Order state before another rule changes it.

PS: Be sure you can see New Order status on top of ticket while adding new orders.

it works :blush:
i can say one thing emre, Big thanks… we really appreciate every thing you do for us.

the issue that it beep again when kitchen order get cleared and now it fixed after move it under Before Ticket Closing.

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