Notify kitchen for new orders by playing recorder voice message


Is it possible to Notify kitchen for new orders by playing recorder voice message like “new order” for new orders come to the kitchen display

You can use Start Process action to trigger something that plays a mp3 file. Probably just adding file path will execute it with default player app but you may play with some settings to make it disappear after playing file. Some players may accept file as a command line parameter too.

I remember some discussions about that so searching forums might bring some more ideas.

Thanks Emre , I will search that and tray if I can make that.
I will post the way and results

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Great solution good job. I’m sure others will appreciate it.

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your student Kendash :blush:

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i notice one issue with the solution,which is will play the voice message at any time ticket will be closed. can we limit this to only when send the order to the kitchen screen?

Set a constraint so it looks for specific state like New Orders

Good idea , let me try and get back to you.

Can you please look to the other request?

I have and it can be done but typically Emre doesnt provide single solutions for specific user request. That is a very specific feature that does only one thing and will rarely be used by community. Maybe we can think of way to allow you to do that with external program some how… Perhapse it can benefit from scripting.

I think having text to speech feature to notify tack-out customer waiting thier order if it’s ready is a feature needed by any least this is my opinion :sweat:

Can we do voting :innocent:
Any one think it’s important reply with this face :heart_eyes:

And any one think it’s not important reply with :sunglasses:

However, I will do my best to implement this feature and come back with steps and results. For sure your support always highly appreciated

Perhapse you missed my point. It could be useful yes but the method to allow it is what I meant. Your asking for a direct programmed feature that does one thing. Many people may not use that. Its best for Emre to spend time on features more used.

In this case I think it may be already possible to do what your asking through scripting and a program.

Ok , then let me try to implement and share results.

Specially we don’t want Emre and sambapos developer to lose time …
We are very exciting for new features they come with​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::dancer::dancer:

Hi kendash, please can help me with the constraint.

{TICKET STATE:Status} Equals New Orders

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didn’t work can you show me how? can add pic

I think you are the one who suppose to post picture of your rule.


Try not to alter default rules (unless you’re sure what you’re doing) to add such additional behavior. That may break default workflow. Instead create a new rule for same event for your actions. Also Before Ticket Closing rule (not default one, create new one) might better suits for such constraint check and beep action.

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thanks emre i will do that but can you please help me with the needed constrain