Numberpad Buttons represent in color


Is it possible numberpad buttons reprenst in color?

I want represent this buttons in green or orange.

I have tried a few possibilities with panel and color tags but the color tags are also printed in edit box.

<panel orange>a</panel>,"f","v","x",8|"b","k","7","8","9"|"c","n","4","5","6"|"d","r","1","2","3"|"f","s",".","0",","|"<enter>"

"<panel orange>a</panel>","f","v","x",8|"b","k","7","8","9"|"c","n","4","5","6"|"d","r","1","2","3"|"f","s",".","0",","|"<enter>"

Thanks in advance for any other idea.

E. Kaplan

This post by @RickH should be what your looking for:

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Thank you bro.
I get it now.