Odd behaviour when using default order tags

I’m getting odd behaviour when trying to set default order tags on a menu item in 5.1.56 (I tested in 5.1.57 beta and also is the same issue).

Background for example: Tandoori Mixed Grill comes with 6 items (should be added automatically), but customer can change their choice, so it has min / max order tags as 6, so they can be changed if needed.

Menu Item Product Properties:

(note there are 6 order tags and no spaces between them, only comma separated)

Order Tag Group:

Order Tag Group List:

(Mapping is only to the individual product (Tandoori Mixed Grill))

Now, adding order in POS, I get this:

Selecting order, I get this for order tags:

Then, strange behaviour when I try to add all items from order tags screen:


  1. Only 5 items get added automatically. I checked all spellings are correct (all copy & paste anyway). Also, first item is the one always ignored (if I reorder and put Tandoori Chicken first, then it gets left out and Chicken Tikka would appear in its place).
  2. Only 4 of 6 order tags are selected when the order is selected. It would appear to be the first item again, plus another. It would appear it might have something to do with the order tag not being exact match for a query (e.g. there is more than 1 item that contains “Tandoori Chicken” and “Chicken Tikka”, other items I think would only return 1 item if a query was done. But again, the names match correctly.
  3. Trying to select all order tags from order tag screen creates duplicate order tags on the order, and the strange behaviour essentially allows rules to be ignored (like max 6 items…).


This similar setup with different products works fine…

The only conclusion I cam come to appears to be the working one (Vegetable Mixed Grill) doesn’t have any order tags where if a contains query was run would return more than 1 result (all products are exact match).

I dont remember if this was the exact same issue it was a while ago but i think someone had a problem with something similar with duplicate names, try adding a space before or after the tag name and try it again. The space acts as another character so the word is technically then spelt differently

Lile i say i cant remeber if this was this same issue you had, i read something a while back but may be woth giving it a try :slight_smile:

Almost certain the issue is with having Order Tags with the same name in more than one group.

So to specify the “auto-tag” properly in the Menu, you must prefix the tag with the Group Name.

For example, if I have “Ketchup” in Tag Group “Condiments”, and in Tag Group “Sauces”, then choose Ketchup as an “auto-tag”, it will choose Ketchup from the first-listed Tag Group. To overcome this, you need to be more specific in your Menu, like this:


Another way around it is to name things uniquely. This can be as small as putting a space at the end of a Tag Name. For example, “Ketchup” in Condiments Group, and "Ketchup " in Sauces Group. Then in Menu, use:

Ketchup ,Mustard,Relish
^^^^^^^^ from the Sauces Group, having a space at the end

This is the way I used to do it, but it is hard to keep track of which have spaces and which do not. So I preferred to change my Menu Tags to:


Ok I’ll give this a try. I don’t like the spaces idea, it is messy and also would mess up alignment in printer templates. Thanks :smile:

Yeah, I confirm this works. So I had to explicitly add the order tag group name for each order tag on the menu item, so for my example:

Tandoori Mixed Grill Items=Tandoori Chicken,Tandoori Mixed Grill Items=Chicken Tikka,Tandoori Mixed Grill Items=Reshmi Kabab,Tandoori Mixed Grill Items=Sheek Kabab,Tandoori Mixed Grill Items=Boti Kabab,Tandoori Mixed Grill Items=Fish Tikka

Quite long but it works! :smile: