Offline feature

Awesome soft, but when working with remote database SambaPos is missing the ability to operate offline in the events of temporary conection loss.

The feature is for example used by OpenBravo on a browser… if the internet goes down, it continues to store transactions locally until it reconects to server.

I asked around regarding working with remote databases on the forum, most advised that it is not a reliable idea… yet the website advertises “Manage and control all branches from headquarter. Get realtime reports, change menus and prices, track workflow”., fine I know this can all happend while having connectivity, but ISPs are unreliable…

I am hoping this will be implemented, and one of the uses I am planing is: to walk-away from the store with a tablet and take orders, take payments, etc from the offices around the block (right now is all done with a notepad; the tablet does have GSM conectivity but once entered some building areas, the signal gets poor and makes SambaPos crash due to loosing connection).

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good idea, but if you have more than 1 till running off of the database how would each till know what ticket numbers to use? And what happens if they both use identical ticket numbers?

The only way this would be possible is to prefix each terminal with its on ticket number


Terminal 1 = 1-XXXXXX
Terminal 2 = 2-XXXXXX

And then you are looking at the licensing. This would be easy to breach a license, connecting Tills up then making them offline for the rest of the period?


Once the connection to the server is restored, all the created documents will be automatically synchronized therefore no transaction numbers can be repeated.
Additionally, each terminal could have a prefix number or ticket type.

About the license, the offline mode should be useless withouth syncronizing to the one database is meant to work with.

But if you’ve closed a transaction, each transaction will be given a ticket number regardless of wether its online or offline. Not trying to pick apart the idea, I like it but it wont some something ‘simple’

also this may be something theyre already looking at for V6? I may have read that I may be making it up.

Elaborate of the setup.
My PMS setup is a full sales sync with cloud PMS and I built in such a way sales are routinely uploaded to PMS to use PMS as a master reporting system, don’t look at till eod nowadays unless any major issues.
Maybe look at my newbook PMS setup for ideas.
I run a local samba database for tills and PMS is my main system receiving sales info from samba.

@JTRTech, what is PMS?

Property management system.
I made an intergration for thePMS we use at the hotel.
Tickets are transferred at order level into thePMS to rooms or epos account along with payments meaning the PMS gets all sales and payments sent to it via samba scripts as Json posts.
I pretty much only use samba reports for plu sales for stocktaker as sales and payment info for non room stuff comes into PMS from samba making PMS a one stop report for whole business.
Search for newbook on forum, my intergration topping is maybe 300-400 posts long but I had never used Java/jscript or SQL before so if a novice would be a good topic to read up on and allot of good learning material in there.

It doesn’t give remote samba of offline but is using centeral accounting you could make multiple samba installs POS tot a single system.

As for 3G etc the API will eventually lead to lower band witch connections being more useable but no option for now for offline mobile tablet use.