Offline interface for ordering system via browser

Setting up remote desktop is quite difficult, not possible with windows home version and also need a powerful server to use.

Can you guys make a simple offline interface where I can open from my tablet or phone’s browser within same network and take orders.

Waiters in the restaurant can use their own smart phones, use their login IDs and create orders.

Windows Tablets can do this now. Windows phones should be able to do this next year sometime when windows 10 matures for it. The only way to do this right now is with windows tablets. Not windows RT but Windows 8 or 8.1 tablets. I use it in my store and it works great.

I use a surface Pro 3… which is about as much as an iPad… if you want cheaper you can buy windows tablets for as little as $160

I keep saying this not because I just love Windows Tablets but because they are the only tablets that can natively install SambaPOS on and not have to use RDP. However Its my opinion the windows tablets are really nice, they run fast, and look great.

I would be very cautious about allowing this.

@Ahmet be sure waiters will share pin codes with their friends for fun :slight_smile:

OK seriously… We’ll never implement a web client for SambaPOS. We’ll focus on server side API implementation and leave client implementation to third parties. Implementing %100 of SambaPOS for web is a tough task because of generic customization and automation features however we have a lot of plans to allow task specific solutions.

I’ll recommend what @Jesse recommended.

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