Old licence Samba v5


hi, i buy some time ago a full samba pos licence V5, but have many problems to config server and not install. Now need know if can use the old licence or need buy again because with my mail not activate and say “no licences”, unknow if need make another taks but unknow how re install or if need buy again.



HI you should still be able to use the license purchased. I would recommend trying to search what email you used to buy the license. If unsure you can get in touch on info@sambapos.com and send as much details as possible inorder to be able to retrieve your license.

Hope that helps



If it’s an old licence you should sign in with a username not email address.


Try to sign in using username instead of email first.

If that does not work, try to locate the email you use to buy the license it may not be the one as you log on to here.

Finally, send Tayfun to search your records.