One cashier for multiple waiters


I am new to SambaPOS and I can’t find this covered anywhere. I have a setup where one cashier handles the POS for 3 waiters. The waiters get the orders from the table and the cashier then inputs all orders into the POS. I would like to know if there is an easy way for one user (cashier) to input all orders but be able to specify different waiters for different tables. Basically I need to be able to identify which waiter is responsible for each kitchen and bar order when the ticket prints and then it would be nice to also have a tip tally at the end of the day for each individual waiter. I suppose we can get the cashier to log in and out every time she inputs on behalf of a different waiter but this seems cumbersome.

Thank you for a great piece of software!


Entities can be anything you want them to be…

Delivery Drivers

  • define a Waiters Entity Type
  • add your different people as Waiter Entities
  • define a Waiters Entity Screen (Display Mode: Automatic will work fine)
  • add Waiters Entity Type to the Ticket Type.

This will produce a button to the left of the Ticket with the caption: Select Waiter


Thank you QMcKay that works great for assigning waiters to tables and on the printed tickets. Can I use the waiter entities to keep track of tips for each waiter?

You can in fact you can create accounts for them to deposit tips into. It would require some custom automation but it would be great way to track tips.

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Ok great. Can you give me some guidance here. Would it be a Script or Rule that I would have to set up? I have tried creating a new Action: Allocate Tip to Waiter but get a little lost after this!