ONE database TWO terminals (PC conncected thru network or internet)

Is that possible? We do have two restaurants, but purchases are made together, and sometimes items like cheese or beberages go from one fridge to the other. We are located in the same block (50 meters away from each other).

I waas wondering if there would be any way for us to have one database with all the menus stored in one pc, and that the other pc could acces that info so sales, purchases and inventory is only one.

If that scenario is possible, is there any tutorial for me to follow and try to set it up?


If you can setup a good wireless connection between these places that will be easy.

If you need to report sales and income by venue you can manage two places by configuring individual departments and ticket types. Try it once on a test pc and you’ll get how it will work.

You can start from here.