One place to key in all

now i am setting up the sambapos. i am selling some grocery item as well.
from what i know, the correct way to setup is

  1. create product in the product list
  2. then include it in the menu in order to do transaction
  3. go to inventory and add it as a inventory item so we can track the stock
  4. need it to be included in the recipe link to that product so it an be deducted when it is sold
  5. key in the purchase invoice to add the stock quantity in

is that possible to include 1-4 in one place where you can set everything up in one go?

Not possible with the current design.
I did design a bulk importer for V3, but I haven’t tested it on V4 yet.,1591.0.html

PS - You don’t need to add products to a menu if the product has a barcode.

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I think I know where superlik going to go, and I like the idea.
If you’re opening a grocery store of mini market store, all your item basically on the shelf of display.
And usually it is 1 unit multiplier for each menu item. Would it be possible to set another let’s say instant recipe or fast recipe, where it automatically put 1 unit multiplier for every menu added to the menu list. Then, let’s say if we want to sell a bulk of it, like 12 can of coke, then we adjust the recipe manually thru the regular recipe menu.
It is just an idea tho, would be great if you wan, then samba pos can expand beyond the restaurant point of sale.
Other alternatif I can think of is using john’s bulk importer to 3.X then update to 4.X, is it possible?

just my 2 cents!

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yea you got the point. may be set an easy tick to be included in the inventory and recipe (default value of 1) under the product list setup. where the tick behind trigger a program to auto setup the inventory and recipe with the same product name.
that at least saved twice the time