One price - Multiple Prefixes


I have a problem how to manage a quatro pizza (4 parts). The user can choose 1 flavor for each part of the pizza. For flavors i don’t have a problem. My problem is that the customer can add and remove ingredients for any of the 4 parts of the pizza. The price of the ingredient is the same for all the parts. The kithen wants to know in which part of the pizza to add or remove ingredients.

Order Tag Group - cheese - portion Small

Left1.cheese 0,25
Left2.cheese 0,25
Right1.cheese 0,25
Right2.cheese 0,25

“No” prefix
No Left1.cheese -0,25
No Left2.cheese -0,25
No Right1.cheese -0,25
No Right2.cheese -0,25

If i want to change the price of the cheese i will need to change it 8 times. Also i need another one order tag group for Large portion. So i will have another 8 order tags.

Left1.cheese 0,50
Left2.cheese 0,50
Right1.cheese 0,50
Right2.cheese 0,50

No Left1.cheese -0,50
No Left2.cheese -0,50
No Right1.cheese -0,50
No Right2.cheese -0,50

Since the price is the same, Is it possible to have one order tag with positive value and another one with negative value and then to add any prefix i want as a text, just to help the kitchen

I might xbe misunderstanding but if these are custom do you need to have sectional no prefix. Would a no not apply to all generally?
I would have sections as the prefixes for the day build pizza sections.

to make it clear. ignore the no prefix

lets say i have multiple prefixes that they are not affect the price of the order tag. Like the sections you mentioned above. The price of the cheese lets say is the same for all the sections. why do i need in the order tag list to have:

section1 cheese $0,25
section2 cheese $0,25
section3 cheese $0,25
section4 cheese $0,25

Surly you don’t, if you made section 1-4 prefixes of the main toppings selection each would have the same base tag and your just adding the prefix to specify the section…

can you please explain to me in more detail?

So you prefix is section 1, section 2 etc
And your tag is cheese so you select the section then the topping.

Yes but in order to add the cheese price on the order price I need to have for each prefix the tag cheese again and again …

Arr, ok, see what you mean.
If it were me I would do one group, duplicate and have 4 tag groups one per section, ditch the prefix and set grouping/sort or display format for a fixed format.
If need to change tags, update one and duplicate again.
That way you just have to duplicate the group and rename rather than update loads of tags - but that’s just me.

Although through you could set a rate/multiplier for prefix which would be 1 for all 4 but may be mistaken.

Thank you very much for your suggestions. I think they will help me. I will try them as soon as possible. Thanks again.