One Ticket is failing to split The Bill Into multiple Bills

I have Tried The splitting The bill in one of the Method done in Table merging and spliting . My Ticket is Spliting the Bill Per Required By Client. Once I try to Split its not Removing Items Slected But it printing all and only the Cash is showing what has been Tendered.

I want My Receipt to only Show Things Payed for and Amount Tendered

That sounds normal.
If you want separate ebills you would need custom setup to only print selected items or to actually split the bill properly by selecting and move order to actual separate tickets.

Sure . Meaning I have to Start an action, Or is there an Action + a Rule for That?

There is option to only print selected orders either in the execute print job action or the print job, not sure which and not sure it it would work with selection on payment screen or just selection on ticket screen.
For move there is an order level mapped button in default setup for that which moves selected orders to a new ticket on the same entitiy.