Online income evidence

In some countries, like Croatia, you have to report your incomes directly to government imediatelly after you take money. It means you need some API to set to communicate with government servers.

Does SambaPOS has some kind of this API and does anybody use it for receipt copy sending?

That sound pretty much the same principle as what I did for PMS, samba puts sales into PMS for reporting centralisation.

It’s not if samba has API but if the government website has API.

You would setup something say on work period end which posts sales figures to gov API.
This from your explanation should be more than possible with V5 scripting abilities but would need more information to confirm 100%

You would probably struggle in v4 which is the category you posted in.

V5 likely can support this but not v4. We need more information about the government system specifically how it works and what options we have to upload to it if you can provide some links explaining that we could assist you further.

Some countries use (Require) a special Hardware Printer that does this.

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