Online Order Integration Settings Problem

Hello everybody and thanks for your help

I configured the “Online Order Integration Module” following “

But in step four I configured (and save) the settings for “Takeaway” instead of “Online Order”

I made this for a mistake and I think that is badly configured

After this I configured the “Online Order” but it doesn’t work

I wish to know how I can reset the configurations of the “Online Order Integration” module

What is not working did it not turn green?

Hello Jesse thanks for all your help and valuable time

It don’t turn green

At some poime I can fetch the menu but this no longer works

An the “Online Orders - settings” is red

Only the restaurant API key is green

You need to restart message server and then try to configure it. Also do you actually have a ticket type called that? And if it’s red it means it’s not connecting to message server. Did you install message server on port 9000+ ? Can you show a screenshot of your settings for message server and for the app.

Hello Jesse again thanks!

These are the firts 3 screen captures

If you need something more please tell me

The is this other message server “Samba.MessagingServerServiceTool64” I also configured with port 9000+

Hello there are the other 3 captures

Hello again

I forgot the “Takeaway - Settins”

You setup the app and permissions in sambapos correct? You have purchased and assigned a license for GF in your control panel ?

Hello Jesse sorry for the late reply

I found that the license is not activated

Can you help me please with the activation process?

Thanks again for all your help

You are ok with license. Ignore the Is activated part for now. Something in settings it does not like. Check your SambaPOS settings make sure they are correct.

Check the application you created in Users/applications make sure its correct.

Takeaway Settings should be blank that is something else. Online Order is all you need to set.

Hello Jesse nice to see you

I have the configuration show in the picture

And I have select “Clear all Permisions”, then “Enable Default Functions” and finally select “Save”

Also I tried to clear “Takeaway - Settings” but only can clear two fields “SambaPos Message Server Address” and “SambaPos User Password” but get an error

The other fields can be erased!

Finally, I test the “Online Order - Settins” but after save still in red.

Do not set anything in Takeaway that is something else and not for Gloriafood. Also there is a new version of Sambain you should download… latest version is 1.0.26 If you have anydesk installed I can take a look for you remotely just send me a private message with the information.

Hi Jesse

I already sent the AnyDesk information

But Isent to “moderators” because I can’t send a message to you

Odd why cant you send to me? Unfortunately I am not a moderator I am an Admin so I never got your message.

EDIT: Nevermind I am a member of Moderators as well I didnt get notified because you didnt mention my name. Moderator messages only notify us if our name is mentioned.

Anyway I read your message but I think its probably too late to connect now. Maybe we can do this tomorrow.

Ok Jesse no problem

Can I ask for a favor?

Can we make the meeting at 9 a.m (Miami time)?