Online order taking/ App integration


I was wondering if anyone has managed to integrate order taking with a web based system or an Iphone/Andriod app for their restaurant. So the customer places an order on the web … and it is automatically transferred onto the systems database (SQL Samba) and you get the kitchen receipt and the invoices printed.

Is this possible?

Its possible but I am not aware of anyone that has written this. It would be a complicated setup and take quite a bit of development time.

Hi @paxi,

We have managed to create a online webbased ordering system using the source code of sambapos 3. We had to change a couple of things but it is working. We use it when customers walk into restaurant they scan a QR code with a id string for table and then it displays the electronic menu on their own devices. We made this a web based system as to avoid re-writing for each mobile platform. It is responsive and works on almost any mobile device. A demo can be seen at We are implementing this for our customers here is South Africa.

We can also make this publicly available by hosting the db online and then connecting the samba database string to the online db. This then prints out using the sambapos configuration of how the printers are setup.

When the customer added the order to the cart and places the order it will print in the kitchen / areas as setup in Samba. When another device scans the QR code while the table is open the ticket will automatically split. For scenario two couples uses the system at same table ticket splits for easier payment. Waiter / user can access and see order on the sambapos terminal and modify as needed.

There is a call for assistance button that displays a popup on terminal screens that a waiter is needed and the pay bill button displays [table number] is ready for bill.

We are currently working on a sms confirmation setup where this will make it more secure when using it as a take away ordering system. When a customer places an order the system replies with an sms to confirm user mobile number and then only will place order in kitchen. We also are looking into integrating online payment methods to make payments easier and more streamlined.

We only started with this project last year and is still an on going project. So many things we wanna change for our customers to make their lives easier.

Hope this is helpful and if you need more info please feel free to contact me.